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Product Innovation

  • We never stop trying to develop and improve the products we provide. 
  • Not content to provide “me too” products.
  • We consider all customer requests for product improvements as well as special equipment design and development
Examples of Standard Equipment Improvements
  • Center Conveyor Drive:  Can be located in any section not just at end of conveyor.
  • Adjustable accumulating terminal rollers at conveyor ends:  Replaces drive and take-up rollers.  Improves belt tracking capability; especially in reversing applications. Eliminates need for drive assist chains or belts.
  • Elimination of cable drive on centering device:
    All roller chain drive. Eliminates need for customer to obtain or maintain special cables for repair.
  • Change to chain leveling system on ring style turntable: Improves level lifting of loads. 
    Substitutes more standard components in place of special components.
  • Change chain transfer chain bar design to lower profile: Improve clearance with belt and loads in lowered position.
Examples of Special Equipment Development
  • Easy Stack:  Simplified stacking corner unit. Includes lift, conveyor, and fixed and adjustable backstops in one unit.
  • Vertical Transfer Devices: Transfers product from one elevation to another.
  • Dockboard Weld Fixture and conveyor system: Transports, locates, and holds large weldments for robotic welding
  • Accumulating Chain Conveyor: Zoned two strand chain conveyor from a single drive means
  • Long Conveyor Lift Systems: Special converting machine discharge conveyor on dual lifts. Accomodates unit loads to mainline or bundles to auxillary stacking operations.
  • Concealed Roller Belt Top Conveyor:
    Supporting rollers completely concealed beneath belt. Reduces operator risk.
  • Mesh Belt Conveyor: Plastic link belt on low friction slider bed surface.
    Provides operator access to loads in transit.
  • Belt Transfer Devices: Flat top style plastic chain transfer device,
    Reduces product damage in transfer operations.
  • Low Profile BDLR Accumulating Conveyor (10”TOR)
All product improvements are made with consideration for product safety. Some product developments are specifically made to improve safety
Examples of Product Safety Improvements
  • Elimination of drive assist rollers at end of conveyor: Eliminates pinch point hazard.
  • Return to single headed pusher design with more flexibility in the head: Eliminates one pinch point hazard and reduces another.
  • Development of increased car aisle clearance: Movable conveyor beds for standard transfer cars. Eliminates significant pinch point hazard between car and floor conveyor.
  • Toe clearance on transfer car and adjacent conveyor: Casual toe clearance provided as a result of base frame car design and end terminal design of floor conveyor.
  • Multi axle drive and braking for standard transfer car: Shortens emergency stopping distance. 
    Separation of normal braking means and emergency braking means results in less wear of brake medium and longer life without fading of braking capability.
  • Belt over roller conveyor without exposed rollers, and Mesh Belt Conveyor: Reduces unstable walking surface for operators.
Highest value conveyor and devices are provided as a result of innovative design and concern for safety.  Continued innovation in product design and safety will insure future quality and continued value to customers.
Mainline’s product line has been developed as an extension of the Pentek product line which is prevalent in the corrugated industry.  This allows the customer to expand or reconfigure an existing system without the need to keep spares on hand for different conveyor product lines.  Many of the components that are used in Mainline’s product line are compatible with the Pentek product line.  In addition, Mainline also has the capability to provide components for other conveyor lines such as Economation, and Integrated Systems, allowing the customer the ability to maintain and extend the useful life of all of these discontinued brands of conveyor.
Mainline’s small size means that every customer receives the highest level of attention.  We can respond more swiftly to changing customer needs as well as problems, which can results in reduced overall costs to the customer.  Because we are small and each customer is more important, we must stand behind our products, even if that means that we must sometimes go beyond the normal warranty to satisfy a problem.
Mainline is centrally located, just southwest of Indianapolis, IN.  Since we supply many parts to your maintenance department you know us very well.